County Governments


Devolution brought a great change in governance; the devolved governments have a key role to develop the counties. In every stage of development one need additional knowledge that’s why JKUATES is focusing to be part of the growth and change that comes along with this great initiative by supporting in knowledge transfer on:-


  1. Revenue collection and resource mobilization
  2. Work environment improvement
  3. Organizational culture
  4. Change management
  5. Oversight roles members of county assembly (Elected and nominated)
  6. Human rights on gender based violence
  7. Formulating gender friendly bills
  8. Gender mainstreaming on budget formulation
  9. Internal audit
  10. Using Ms Excel as audit tool
  11. Oversight responsibility of county assemblies
  12. Sound public financial management in county governments
  13. Revised procurement and Disposal act
  14. Personal financial management
  15. Project management and financing
  16. Finance security and development
  17. Human resource
  18. Budget operations
  19. KRA taxation issues and I-TAX system
  20. I.C.T basic skills