Corporate Training



This tailor made to give solutions to the corporate world.


  1. Organizational corporate structure
  2. Database management
  3. Electronic data management
  4. Data warehousing and business intelligence
  5. Data and information security
  6. Project management, evaluation and monitoring
  7. Computer forensics (Basic and Advanced)
  8. Operating systems
  9. Business Analysis
  10. ICT strategy development
  11. ICT policy development
  12. Change management
  13. Systems audit
  14. Digitization projects
  15. Software development and implementation
  16. System quality assurance and testing.
  17. Staff augmentation programs
  18. Social networking and simple cloud applications (google docs)
  19. ICT security and policies
  20. Systems support and maintaining solutions
  21. Data research and analysis
  22. E-waste management