Agribusiness & Horticultural Exports

We sell the following specialty teas:

Purple tea -Purple tea is a type of tea derived from the leaves, buds and shoots of a crossbreed variety of the Camellia Sinensis plant, the plant from which black tea, green tea, yellow tea, white tea and oolong tea are derived. Unlike the rest, the purple tea plant is purple-red in colour and so are its anthocyanins (antioxidants which give rise to the purple colour). Purple tea has many benefits such as:

  • Helps in controlling the level of sugar in blood, thus preventing diabetes.
  • Purple tea is rich in catechins that reduce body fat and help in weight loss.
  • Purple tea contains anti-aging compounds that help in evening out the skin tone, reduce wrinkles, and improve complexions

Green Tea - Green tea is a type of tea derived from the leaves, buds and shoots of the Camellia Sinensis plant. Unlike black tea, it is not fermented. Its health benefits include: Polyphenols found in green tea guard against the Alzheimer’s disease, thus protecting the brain, especially as one gets older.
Green tea helps in weight loss. This is by increasing the rate of metabolism which leads to burning of body fats.
Catechins contained in green tea have been proven to guard against cardiovascular diseases

You can purchase specialty teas at Teasoko

TEASOKO is an online platform that was established to provide ultimate solutions for the tea industry in Kenya under the stewardship of JKUAT ENTERPRISES LIMITED. We are mandated to work with the whole tea value chain through market connectivity, business partnerships with small-scale farmers, cottages (tea factories) and other stakeholders. We identify with the Specialty Tea sub-category as one that offers exciting growth into the future, this being set against the backdrop of Kenya being the world’s largest exporter of black tea. Specialty teas are other types of teas apart from the regular black CTC tea and include Purple tea, Green tea, Yellow tea, White tea, and Oolong tea in both CTC and Orthodox (whole-leaf) formats.

Horticultural Exports

We engage in exports of horticultural products such as avocados to markets such as UAE and Europe. The horticultural products are sourced from farmers from various parts of the country.

Agribusiness Trainings

We conduct the following Agribusiness trainings:

  • Avocado Agribusiness Training - This is a comprehensive training that seeks to equip farmers, exporters, and traders of the A-Z of Avocado farming and trade. We cover topics such as Crop management, Harvesting and Handling, pests and diseases, avocado markets, regulations, export process, packhouse visit and so much more.
  • Apiculture training - This is a training that targets bee farmers and potential farmers and equip them with knowledge on the bee trade. It broadly covers topics such as bee biology and botany, bee keeping equipment, colony management, product utilization, quality control and much more
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