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Over the years, our enduring strategy has been three –pronged; Right Technology, Right People and Right Partners. This approach has led to us become the leading trainers in ICT, Business and Agriculture in Kenya and beyond. We pride ourselves on our culture of empowering people by giving ‘the right skills in the right environment’.

Our dedicated staff keeps abreast of all technology innovation and development as well as maintaining the highest standards possible.

We are proud to claim that our core training product is sustainable development, as we look deeply into the future societal building blocks rather present; this is included in all aspects of our work. Our Programme offers world-class specialist training and capacity building for all types of professionals, especially those in government and public sector.

JKUATES programmes offer an extensive composition designed to develop your skills and improve performance with specially designed programmes delivered by experts who lead in their field and a range of dates and locations to suit you requirements, there`s no better way to grow your business, Staff and work force, than to work with us. Whether you are interested in our classroom based training , onsite training , JKUATES provide a range of training to update your skills, helping your staff develop their career, operate more effectively and more importantly develop a corporate culture that is designed with you.

Across all our trainings and courses, our goal is to deliver high caliber, informative,very practical and engaging content that will help you and your staff attain desired personal and professional development. We are particularly able to provide our specialist service at different venues at your convenience.

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