Tree Tomato

Growing tree tomato fruit seedlings

1. Spacing 0.8m -1 m by 2m (less fertile soil) or 5m by 3m(very fertile soil) or 1.5m – 1.8m by 2.5m – 3m ((under windy & unprotected locations).
2. Depth of planting hole is 60cm x 60cm x 60 cm.
3. Put the top soil aside when digging the hole.
4 Mix top soil with manure as follows.
•10 to 20 kg of well decomposed farm yard manure per hole or
•About 10g of DAP/NPK/TSP fertilizer, depending on the fertility of the soil.
5. Return the mixture to the soil, filling to about two thirds of the hole’s size.
6. Cut the polythene sleeve carefully so that the seedlings can be planted with the entire ball of the soil.
7. Place each of the seedlings per hole at the centre of the planting hole.
8. Cover the seedling at exactly the same depth as it was in the polythene sleeves leaving it about 6 inches below the soil surface.

• The plant should be supplied with NPK fertilizer of about 1/4kg – 1kg during the first year of establishment. This should be applied in splits.
• The seedling should not be left to dry hence the need for frequent watering and/or mulching.